School Library

The School Library is spacious and can seat 100 students at a time. It is well-equipped with a sizeable collection of books and periodicals. New titles are added every year to keep the library updated. Easy access is provided to senior students for reference work.

School Laboratories

Well equipped laboratories are essential to a school's development. Theoretical knowledge when backed up by practical experiments can help children to understand the basic premises faster and more easily.

Physics Lab

We, the Physics teachers of Purwanchal Vidyamandir whole heartedly believe in this maxim. So, the well stocked Physics Laboratory with all its modern equipments catering to I.C.S.E and I.S.C. syllabi is the place where not only concepts of the subject is learnt through experiments, but the process by itself is a learning experience for the students. So, while grappling with the experiments of magnetism, optics, electricity, general physics and sound, habits of discipline, logical reasoning, and organization of data, distinguishing facts from friction and drawing proper inference is inculcated.

This enables the students to develop a healthy scientific attitude, organise their thoughts and convert them to actions. These habits just do not remain confined within the subject but transcends boundaries and find multiple applications in different spheres of life once the students are ready to leave the protective cocoon of the school and step into the real world.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab of Purwanchal Vidymandir is completely equipped according to the ICSE and ISC curriculum. We perform all the practical experiments based on Salt Analysis, Volumetric Analysis and Organic Sample Analysis. Students are able to perform the experiments and analysis of the salts.

Biology Lab

Biology Lab of Purwanchal Vidymandir is well equipped with specimens of vertebrates and invertebrates, charts, models, permanent slides, simple and compound microscope, dissecting trays, chemicals and reagents and glassware’s.

It has the capacity to accommodate 25 students. Experiments conducted in the laboratory include physiology of plants, biochemistry, study & dissection of animals and plants and temporary slide preparation.

Geography Lab

The School has incorporated a well-equipped Geography Lab with all sophisticated technology to cater to the new ISC syllabus i.e., Remote Sensing and G.I.S. with G.P.S.

Practical assignments are conducted through field verification on a regular basis. The facilities provided here are definitely upgrading the students and arousing interest in the minds of the budding geographers.

Computer Lab

Technology advancement has affected every sphere of life especially education. This has changed our perception of what a school should provide for its students. In times of booming technology the computer lab at Purwanchal Vidyamandir provides the appropriate platform to the students to be future technocrats. The Computer Lab of our school is fully air-conditioned and well equipped with more than 100 computers which are connected in LAN. The facilities offered in the computer Lab are internet, printer (both dot-matrix and LaserJet).

The lab allows the students as well as faculty to research extensively by accessing the information on the global network during and after the school hours. Computer Lab facilitates the transition from IT learning through play way method to advanced technologies like MS Office, VB , Oracle, HTML and Flash. It caters to the students of class XI and XII learning C , C++ and Oracle.

Students of classes IX and X are offered Computer Application and XI and XII are offered Computer Science as their subjects in ICSE and ISC.